How to get a mortgage as a freelancer

Season 3, Episode 4,   Dec 08, 2020, 04:46 PM

Freelance Party Broadcast has had a makeover, and is now called Freelance Corner. That's because this podcast was launched by the online platform for the UK's freelancers with the same name: Freelance Corner. Hosts Faye and Jess quiz experts every fortnight, with the aim of answering a question sent in by our listeners. Is there a question you would like us to answer? Email to have your question answered.

Faye and Jess are joined by CMME's head of mortgages Simon Butler, who answers questions about how to get a mortgage as a freelancer. Simon covers everything, from how to save for a deposit with a fluctuating income, Stamp Duty savings, and the documentation you need to apply for a mortgage.

Simon also answered questions from listeners, including how to meet the affordability criteria as a freelancer, if it's harder to get a mortgage as a freelancer, and what to do if you currently have no savings.