Thursday, December 10: Toy Drive Week Continues; Jay Leno Wishes AJ A Happy Birthday; Chubby Bunny With Teresa Dufour

Dec 10, 2020, 05:48 PM

What were the top Google searches of the year? Chaz and AJ go through the list and try to figure out why some of the searches were so popular. (0:00)
Matt from the Water Doctor was on to talk about being one of the proud sponsors for this year's Toy Drive. Then Nick the Science Guy was on to explain the "Christmas Star" that will be visible this month. (9:25)
Dumb Ass News - Who would call themselves a professional cook it they can't pronounce microwave? (22:34)
The Battle of the Broadcasters. Birthday boy AJ vs. Teresa Dufour from News 8! A round of Chubby Bunny. Who can fit more marshmallows in their mouth? (29:42)
For AJ's birthday, a very special song by Chaz's wife, Jennifer. (36:49)
FOX 61's Jimmy Altman calls in for his first ever Toy Drive appearance, happily offered up one of his 38 (!!) Emmy awards, and shared a story that made Ashley cry. (38:57)
As a special treat, AJ got to speak with two of his favorite guests, Wayne Carini from Chasing Classic Cars, and Jay Leno! Oh, also his mom from Florida! (48:55) 

Image Credit: DmitriiSimakov / iStock / Getty Images Plus