Monday, December 14: Most Googled Items Of 2020; Mayor Mark's New Job; Dumb Ass News

Dec 14, 2020, 04:47 PM

Chaz and AJ asked the Tribe for their stories about the worst injuries they've ever endured to their private parts. Pat admitted to some manscaping injuries, and then Jennifer was on to share a story from her childhood, about a friend of hers that landed very awkwardly on the diving board and to tease Chaz about his manscaping practices. (0:00)
Mayor Mark Boughton from Danbury has got a new job with the Governor. Why did the mayor, a republican, take a job with the Governor, a democrat? And who will step in as mayor for Danbury? (8:51)
Dumb Ass News - Someone was so angry they couldn't get the donut they wanted, they stabbed the person behind the counter. Only one person on the show would ever get so angry about something so small, and that's AJ. He had story after story about his rage fueled flip outs on fast food workers. (22:53)
Boston comedian Will Noonan is engaged! He was on the phone to talk about how he proposed, and the anxiety he had trying to hide the ring before he popped the question. (28:37)
Chaz and AJ continued through the list of the most commonly Googled items from 2020, including the item everyone was trying to cook themselves throughout the pandemic. (35:49)

Image Credit: HunterBliss / iStock / Getty Images Plus