The Learning Parent: Applying principles of retrieval practice at home

Season 2, Episode 17,   Dec 18, 2020, 12:01 AM

We want our children to do well. Naturally. We parents have been through school, done homework and revised for exams.  Although that can feel like a dim and distant lifetime ago. But you'd think we'd be amply qualified to do our bit and help our children through this stage. Afterall the human brain and learning haven't changed in the last couple of decades.  

In this week's episode we looking at the science of learning and what we parents can do to help our teens be better at it.

Nathan McGurl, Founder of The Study Buddy, is joined by Patrice Bain. Patrice is an educator, speaker and author. She is regularly featured in international press and articles as well talking at events all over the world. Patrice has spent more than 15 years working with cognitive scientists turning academic research into meaningful approaches to be adopted by teachers and now us parents, thanks to her recently published “Powerful Teaching: A guide for Parents”.

Over the course of this episode, Patrice explains the power of Retrieval Practice over alternative "go-to" approaches. She goes on to give practical tips and guidance that parents can readily apply at home. 

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