Friday, December 18: The Final Show Of 2020!

Dec 18, 2020, 07:38 PM

Mitch Hallock "The King of the Nerds," tells all us normal people about Boba Fett. The man who played the character originally has died, and apparently was hired just because he could fit into the costume. (0:00)
Dumb Ass News - Not like you needed a reminder, but a story to confirm that gas station sushi is always a terrible idea. (8:08)
David Letterman, President Trump, Bernie Sanders and John Travolta joined on a group call and shared their favorite fun facts with Chaz and AJ. (16:36)
Lisa was extremely excited to share her fun fact about kangaroos and porcupines. (23:28)
Boss Keith wraps up this terrible year, with the Top 5 things to remember about 2020. (35:30)

Image Credit: photo_Pawel / iStock / Getty Images Plus