S2 Ep 8: Soda bread, seafood and Christmas with Irish chef Richard Corrigan + foraging reedmace

Season 2, Episode 8,  Dec 20, 2020, 12:01 PM

This episode features renowned chef Richard Corrigan. Richard is a stalwart for British and Irish seasonal food and an ambassador for the hospitality industry. He’s run Michelin-starred restaurants and the century old Bentley’s in Mayfair, and he’s even cooked for the queen. Richard is also the proud owner of the 150 acre estate Virginia Park Lodge in the Republic of Ireland, as well as Corrigan’s Mayfair and Shoreditch’s Daffodil Mulligan. 
We speak about his love for fish and seafood, particularly oysters, as well as his notorious soda bread, growing up in Ireland and his favourite seasonal food. There’s also some inevitable chat on coronavirus and the hospitality industry – please note this was recorded on 4th December so a little of our conversation may seem out of date as the tiers are changing so quickly.
We also speak about Richard’s love for Irish meat, black pudding, wild game and sea fishing, before diving into Christmas. It becomes very apparent that Richard LOVES Christmas so it is extremely disappointing that his London restaurants will be shut for the festive period. 
Fergus joins us to speak about the abundant, and tasty, reedmace that I’m sure you’ve seen on riverbanks and beside ponds; the shoots, starchy root and pollen that can all be used in cooking.
Richard mentions:
3 foodie things on your doorstep:
Story on post-Brexit food prices – see Episode 1 and 2 of Series 2 and Series 1 Episode 7 for ideas on British versions of imported ingredients