Brussels Explained: Annekatrien Verdickt

Dec 21, 2020, 10:39 AM
How can we improve health and quality of life in Brussels? During the lockdown, the City of Brussels decided to transform all the streets in the pentagon-shaped city centre into residential areas, which entailed the prioritisation of pedestrians and cyclists and a speed limitation for cars of 20kph. After a few months, this decision was partly revoked. What is the opinion of Annekatrien Verdickt, founder of Filter-Café-Filtré, with regard to these developments? What is the current situation concerning the air quality in Brussels? Do politicians come up with enough innovative solutions? Annekatrien Verdickt gives a presentation on liveability in Brussels, with a focus on the improvement of air quality and the promotion of soft mobility. Hear the full podcast on the De Buren website.