Quadruple Treble

Season 15, Episode 11,   Dec 22, 2020, 07:38 AM

Antony, St Anthony & I review the winning of the 4th consecutive treble

Quadruple Treble

No illiterative headlines name for the podcast - it’s a simple history making name.  The remarkable dominance of Celtic over Scottish football continues as the third and final trophyof the 2019/20 season is secured and Celtic become world beaters by securing a fourth consecutive treble.

After a first 45 mins where we looked like we would go on to score 4 or 5 it was squeaky bum time and penalties were required.

I am joined by Antony Murray and Saint Anthony to discuss why that might have been, to review the game, the players, and the unique achievement of 4 trebles.  We also (briefly) preview the Ross County game.