Yuma Territorial Prison

Dec 26, 2020, 02:00 PM

Class, we have so many lessons to bring you this week as we discuss the famous Yuma Territorial Prison here in Arizona! Pearl Hart, last stagecoach robber in the state introduces us to Wild West TMZ; Maria Marino teaches us how far “talk shit, get hit” goes; John Ryan cements his place as one of the first LGBT historical events in the state; and we test the boundaries as to how much we can offend our Live Studio Audience, Nancy! Oh and, you’ll probably get pinched by a little girl ghost who is or isn’t a fan of the red you’re wearing, catch a fun little ditty by the phantom prison band, and be questioned by a woman as to what you’re doing poking around the infirmary. Honey, it’s 2020. We are ALL here these days. Come along as we catch the 7:00 to Yuma!