2020 Holiday Special with Maggi Mayfield, Rotten Kitty and Santa Claus

Dec 25, 2020, 08:04 AM

Holiday, Christmas, Santa Claus, Solstice, Kwanzaa, Hannukah, Naughty Christmas, comedy, novelty song

Mark and Hannah hosted an epic holiday special with comedians Maggi Mayfield and Rotten Kitty and the one and only Santa Claus

Maggi reminisced about travelling cross country as a teenager, her radio career which led her to meet and roam the halls at iheartradio with Rod Stewart and Val Kilmer, how moving from Los Angeles to Austin has led her to get paid more for her stand up comedy and release her first comedy album "Pandemic Girl" and she sang her holiday anthem "The Naughty Christmas Song" live in studio

Kitty talked about chasing unicorns and having fun with rat poison over the pandemic, the proper response when a man asked for a dirty picture over Twitter, explained the dark side of Disney and why the Country Bears need to return to splash mountain and everyone gave their picks for the best and worst Christmas songs

Santa Claus talked about why he is immune to the Coronavirus, that the reindeer won't be wearing masks this year, but how in years past they have been a bit gassy, how he has had to quarantine some elves this year, got red and rosy as the show went on and had gifts for everyone

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