TV MUMS : Michelle De Swarte ( Netflix-The Dutchess)

Season 3, Episode 34,   Dec 23, 2020, 06:00 AM

Host Hatty Ashdown and Gemma Beagley are joined by stand up and actor Michelle De Swarte co-star of the new Netflix Series The Dutchess Staring and created by Kathern Ryan . They talk Botox , Peggy Mitchelle and Mums that make Smash. 

Michelle is a comedian, TV presenter and actress. She plays Katherine Ryan's best friend 'Bev' and mum of four  in new Netflix series  The Duchess . Her TV presenting credits include presenting The Fashion Show on ITV2, BBC Three current affairs debate show Free Speech and appearances on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here Now! on ITV.  She also hosted the celebrity gossip show Dirty Digest on E4, which she co-devised. 
She is absolutely storming it on the stand up scene either on real stage or zoom she's defo one to watch out for !

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