SEASON 1 TRAILER: Love Is _____

Season 1, Episode 1,   Dec 30, 2020, 05:41 PM

Love is ______ is an illustrative audio journal detailing a writer’s thought on the experience of love. 

As someone who spends the majority of their time-consuming fictional stories in the form of TV shows, movies, books and music, I tend to get a lot of my life references from them. As a result, I have come to develop a certain idea of what love might be like using these assumptions as my guide. 

Without real-life experience of love, it’s safe to say that most of my conclusions do rely heavily on what can be said to be unrealistic expectations. 

This podcast seeks to provide a new perspective on love from someone who has not experienced it personally, but does encounter what it looks like and feels like in every form of fictional media out there.
Creative Team:
  • Hosted and Produced by Makee Ogbon
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