Final Jane Garvey Woman's Hour on Radio 4 - 2020

Jan 01, 04:18 PM
How many true radio greats are on air in a generation? A dozen? Jane Garvey is high on my version of that list.  And if the list is a chart, she's still on the way up. She leaves Woman's Hour at just the right time to carve out a Jane-shaped future - where she can own the next decade in UK radio and beyond.

Like most greats, her brilliance sounds effortless - and, frankly, I doubt she does have to put in the effort many would have to when seeking anything like the standards she does. Authentic, irreverent, intelligent, honest. All the traits which show radio at its best.

A baby boomer - just - inspired by the likes of Janice Long - and the poetic Ray Moore, she arrived at Radio 4's Woman's Hour via Radio Wyvern in Worcester, BBC Hereford and Worcester and the launch of BBC Five Live. 

Thirteen years later, she left the programme  - and this clip is from the final edition of Woman's Hour on 31st December 2019.

She's joined by the wonderful Elizabeth Day - who will also be a big part of radio's next era - and I've gone to pains to add on Jane's intro to the drama at the programme's end...