How are European cosmetic regulations impacting businesses outside of Europe?

Episode 9,  Jan 07, 2021, 08:30 AM

A panel discussion to reveal European regulations North American businesses cannot afford to ignore

Guest speakers:

Angela Diesch, Managing Partner at Diesch Law Group, APC, a practice specialising in both US and global cosmetic and personal care regulations. 

Janell Schroeder, Document Control & Certification Specialist at leading organic beauty player, Intelligent Nutrients

In this podcast, we consider how EU cosmetic regulation can impact businesses operating outside of the European Union and why it is important for such businesses to keep in step with those regulations.

To find out more we ask the panellists specific questions about EU regulations pertaining to free-from claims, the main differences between EU regulations and other regions, how non-EU businesses can stay ahead of EU regulations and then round the discussion off by detailing the advantages of staying ahead of the latest EU regulatory developments.

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