Tuesday, January 5: Alien Encounters; Dumb Ass News; Facebook "Jail"

Jan 05, 2021, 04:51 PM

An inflatable Christmas tree outfit may have spread COVID-19 to dozens of people, and Tanya Roberts is alive, despite reports that she had died. (0:00)
Harvard Professor Avi Loeb believes we had a recent alien encounter. What did he see, why is it important, and how does he think it proves existence of alien life? (14:08)
Dumb Ass News - AJ learns the difference between Samoas and Samosas, and a man tried to smuggle one of those into jail, between his butt cheeks. (28:18)
AJ spent a lot of his vacation on Facebook. He was upset about being put in Facebook "jail," and explained why he keeps logging on to the site every day. (41:27)

Image Credit: ktsimage / iStock / Getty Images Plus