How to build entrepreneur well-being for 2021

Episode 114,   Jan 05, 2021, 06:35 PM

2020 was one of the most challenging many of us will face in our lifetime. Whilst a little different, Christmas typically allows time to reflect and restore our energy levels with family .
Batteries re-charged, how do we look forward to 2021 with positivity?  
New Lockdown measures announced last night (5th Jan 2020) means we need to dig deep.
Even as lockdown eases, work patterns  are set to remain blended  with home and socially distanced office working.  
What tools and self-care can we deploy to maintain those energy levels for both ourselves and our employees? 
Emma-Louise Fusari founder of In-House Health provides employers with anonymised health data of their workforce to design targeted health initiatives and employee wellbeing. 
She’s taken her wealth of experience in chronic disease management and delivering public health programmes, to get on the front foot of mental and physical wellbeing 
She joins us today to share insights today on how to face the challenge of lockdown and eventually  a healthier happier 2021 
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