TV MUMS : Josie Long

Season 3, Episode 35,   Jan 06, 2021, 07:15 AM

Host Hatty Ashdown and Gemma Beagley are joined by Comedy legend Josie Long -  An Award winning comic, Film maker, writer and Presenter of BBC 4 Short Cuts, regular TV panellist for many shows  News Quiz, QI, Celebrity Master Chief, Bear Grills, recently Won The Chase and is mum of one daughterNow a regular to the show we had lots of laughs discussing our love for super market  shopping- especially  abroad. The mum from Sister Sister and aspirations to be the mum Cher plays  in Mermaids .
 At the time of recording this was before Josie had been on the ITV show the Chase and won  £35000 for her charity Arts Emergency which supports young people get into the arts no matter what their back ground . 

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