Thursday, January 7: Harbor Yard Amphitheater Updates; Dumb Ass News; Cobra Kai

Jan 07, 2021, 04:23 PM

Dumb Ass News - A naked fugitive was found in croc infested waters. The two guys that discovered him were hysterical news interviews. (0:00)
Bret Ernst is one of the stars of "Cobra Kai," he's Daniel LaRusso's cousin Louie. So how did a comic from New Jersey that moved to the West Coast get into character to play a guy that's from New Jersey and moved out to the West Coast? (3:46)
Live Nation's Jimmy Koplik was on with Howard Saffan, to talk about the incredible progress made at the Bridgeport Amphitheater (Harbor Yard Amphitheater.) Jimmy teased that the opening show has been booked, a big name, but wouldn't reveal it today. Also, a piece of the New Haven Coliseum has been installed, and Bruce Springsteen teases something happening this year. (19:17)
Ashley Norton is in need of a kidney. She's dealt with kidney disease her entire life, and has already been donated one by her father. (46:38)