Lunch with Leon episode 26 - Gali Bloch Liran

Jan 08, 08:42 AM
Challenging the ‘old way’ to get the most out of yourself and your team.

Over a long lunch, Leon Daniels OBE chats with Gali Bloch Liran who is an executive coach specialising in start-ups, as well as being a lawyer, marketeer, lecturer and global speaker. 

She works with CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs to manage the day-to-day challenges and strengthen the mental resilience required to scale such a venture, using her own super-powers: energy, positivity and inner strong-belief.

We learn how success is achieved by lots of ‘small wins’, the challenges of taking a small start-up into something bigger and how to use your personal skills to overcome the inevitable problems.

The art of communication with staff is chewed over, alongside tips about how to get your messages across, as this this energic, fun and inspiring coach delves into what many people consider a ‘dark art’, yet is surprisingly easy to master.

You can contact Gali at