Friday, January 8: Car Break-Ins On The Rise; Fun Fact Friday; The First Flubble Montage Of The Year

Jan 08, 2021, 06:45 PM

The trend of car break-ins has continued to rise into the new year. Chaz and AJ noticed the chat room on Twitch talking about it, and Phil has had this happen in his driveway, on more than one occasion. (0:00)
Governor Lamont seems to have made the legalization of marijuana a priority for this year. Joe LaChance "the weed guy" was on to explain the steps that we need to see before it's a reality. (8:11)
Jessica from the Beardsley Zoo was on this morning, because the zoo is in financial trouble. The only zoo in the state! Hear how you can help them out, and why it's so important. (23:32)
For Fun Fact Friday, a slew of celebrity and celebrity impersonators started to call in, including one from beyond the grave. (29:38)
Dumb Ass News - The first Flubble Fest of the new year! A montage of all the slips, screw ups and wipe outs from this week. (42:19)

Boss Keith's Top 5 list was his personal New Year's resolutions for each member of the show. (48:37)

Image Credit: djedzura / iStock / Getty Images Plus