St. Petersburg Foodies EP 123w/ Khris Johnson from Green Bench Brewing

Jan 08, 09:42 PM
Welcome to the St. Petersburg Foodies Podcast Episode 123! On today's episode, we interview the Co-Owner and Head Brewer of Green Bench Brewing, Khristopher Johnson. Green Bench is St. Petersburg's first microbrewery. We talk about beer, mead, and cider, the shortage of aluminum cans due to COVID-19, and we even talk a little southern barbecue.  What do you think is more complicated, making beer, or making wine? Listen and find out. After the interview, we talk about our weekend lunch at Greenstock, which is a Chef-driven and ingredient-focused salad and wraps, fast casual eatery right in the heart of downtown St. Pete. I finally got a wrap, and it was heavenly. #greenbench #foodies #stpete #Tampabay #Radio #Radiostpete