Podcast Special: Sequoia House Residents' Culminating Event

Jan 12, 11:17 PM
The residents of Sequoia House at Marygrove Children's Home recently finished a YWSTL creative writing workshop series, taught by Dr. Treasure Shields Redmond. To celebrate their hard work and accomplishments, a special culminating performance and party was held in mid-December. Listen to this podcast special to hear the hopes, fears, and goals of these young ladies as they look ahead to the new year. The episode also includes interviews with Dr. Redmond as well as YWSTL staffers, who share their thoughts on working with these inspiring residents.

YourWords STL is a non-profit organization that uses tutoring, creative writing workshops, and collaborative projects to help amplify the voices of St. Louis youth. YWSTL provides two weekly tutoring sessions and two bi-weekly creative writing workshops to the 16- to 20-year-olds in transitional housing at Marygrove Children’s Home, a North St. Louis therapeutic residence for youth who have experienced trauma or have nowhere to turn.

Our intro sounds are provided by Joey Ferber. Our outro sounds are from the song "For Me" on Aysia Berlynn's new album, Synth & Soul.

Learn more at http://www.yourwordsstl.org or @yourwordsstl on social media.

Teaching Artist Biography

A Mississippi native, Dr. Treasure Shields Redmond is a published poet, master educator, community arts organizer, and successful entrepreneur. Treasure was raised in the federal housing projects, and went on to be signed to M.C. Hammer’s label as a hip hop artist, and writer. She is the author of chop: a collection of kwansabas for fannie lou hamer (2015). Her doctoral research focuses on the recorded performances of foundational Black Women poets, and the ways they deployed sound to impact the canon and justice movements. Treasure centers collaboration in her personal arts practice and as an organizing principle. As such, she has co-founded Fannie Lou Hamer House, a retreat space for Black artists, and a funding collective for Black artists called The Black Skillet with artist Dail Chambers. Treasure is the founder of Feminine Pronoun Consultants, LLC, and Get The Acceptance Letter Academy.