Listening to Your Body…Life with Crohn’s Disease - An Interview with Dr. Selvi Vasudevan

Episode 9,   Dec 24, 2020, 02:00 AM

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In this episode, Dr. Selvi will discuss her battle with Crohn's disease. How ignoring her health in order to pursue medical school (with the added cultural pressure of being the perfect student) affected her life and how listening to her body was her only rescue.

About Dr. Selvi:
Dr. Selvi guides women to soothe their Crohn’s (and regain their life!) naturally. Realizing that the answers to healing herself took more than what her medical doctors, or her own medical training, could offer, Dr. Selvi successfully explored alternatives to get to remission and remain in remission for 10 years. Her passion lies in applying these and other methods she learned along the way, to help her clients regain their life from the pain, exhaustion, and other symptoms of Crohn’s. Dr. Selvi lives in New Jersey and (free from the grip of Crohn’s) loves nothing more than to dance, travel and explore in her free time!

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Audra was burned at a year and a half, had six surgeries between the ages of 2 and 16, and did not look at herself in the mirror until she was 25 years old.
As a person, who has experienced trauma and was left with physical remnants of it, she was then able to do the work necessary to embrace her scars and become empowered by them. Because of her experience, Audra wrote her song “Scars”, created the I’ve Got Scars Baby! Podcast and has been performing and holding personal empowerment workshops across the country.
From Detroit native to Los Angeles artist and producer, Audra has also performed at such venues as the Disney Music Hall (LA), The Kennedy Center (Washington DC), The World Children’s Festival of Theatre (Copenhagen, Denmark), The House of Blues Sunset (LA) and The Comedy Store (LA), Laugh Factory (LA) and The Comedy Union (LA).
As a Producer, Audra has worked for several network TV shows including: America's Got Talent, Steve Harvey's Big Time, and The Tom Joyner Show as well as shows on Netflix, BET, and VH1. Audra has taken her creativity to the stage as the writer and producer of her first play entitled, The Cage at the Stella Adler Theatre.