Millions of children have learned that potatoes don't grow on trees

Episode 238,  Jan 15, 2021, 07:00 AM

Over the last 16 years your levy has made it possible to deliver positive messages about potatoes, to more than five million primary school children in the UK, via AHDB’s Grow Your Own Potatoes programme.

This programme teaches young pupils all about potatoes: where they come from, how they grow and their health benefits. 

Despite the coronavirus pandemic GYOP continued throughout 2020, and Sue Lawton, AHDB Education Manager, has got big plans for the 2021 growing season. 

Host: John Bates


  • Sue Lawton - Education Manager, AHDB 
  • Allegra Benita - Teacher, Nancy Reuben School, London
  • Becky Abbott - Teaching Assistant, Leamington Hastings Church of England Academy
  • Rita Griggs - Teacher, Faldingworth Community Primary School
  • Ian Whitehouse - Teacher, Fiddlers Lane
  • Kerry Wheatley - Teacher, Chaucer Junior School Cranmer Street, Ilkeston
  • Richard Park - Potato Grower and Seed Supplier 
  • Jackie Baker - Communications Manager, Branston (Seed Supplier)

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Learn more about GYOP: Grow Your Own Potatoes Website

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