The Crimson Horror Reviewed!

May 09, 2013, 07:23 PM
It's a two-hander this week with James McLean providing company for Christian Cawley - and you, dear listener - as we look in-depth at a few important Doctor Who topics.

First and foremost, we discuss The Crimson Horror. You should really have worked that out from the title of this week's podKast (with a "K"), of course.

Following this, Christian makes a revelation - that he feels there is something not quite right with Doctor Who Series 7b...

We also chew over the recent rumours concerning Steven Moffat's continued presence as Doctor Who Executive Producer as well as spending a few moments on the end of shooting on the 50th anniversary episode.

Perhaps most importantly, we want our listeners to tell us what they know about any cinema screenings of the 50th anniversary 3D episode. Our initial research into which cinemas and chains will be taking part have so far drawn a blank... 

This week's recommendations include The Mind of Evil, the special edition DVD release for June.


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