RF Podcast Episode 20: Music & Inspiration with TJ

Season 2,  Jan 16, 2021, 02:50 PM

Welcome back to the Renaissance Foundation Podcast,

A Podcast about inspiration, made by the young people at our youth charity

We support Young Carers and Young Hospital Patients in London, by helping them to achieve their full potential.

I want to say a massive thank you -  to a young leader called Jal for letting us use his song on today’s episode. If you like Jal’s song please get in touch to let us know!

We have a very exciting episode to share today, we’ll be speaking to TJ! A young musician, creative and all round inspirational person, TJ has been apart of RF since 2014 and ever since has always brought a smile and positivity to every event and activity he has taken part in,

He offered to share his personal creative journey and advice,  with the young leaders currently on our programme. He gave us all so much needed inspiration in this very difficult time,

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