John Pee-Pee

Jan 17, 07:41 AM

The Chitshow Podcast Episode #60 - "John Pee-Pee"

We are back for more with 1/2 of us injured. Listen in as we say happy birthday to Sade/Aaliyah/Calvin Harris, talk Leo spraining his ankle, Trump's 2nd impeachment as well as removal from social media (12:14), Inauguration Day (24:14), the arrests of the Capitol Hill rioters (38:48), Disney nixing annual passes (47:08), the Covid vaccines (51:38), WandaVision (57:24), Leo finally watches The Watchmen (1:09:04), Danny watching Mr. Mayor (1:10:57), Leo rants about weekly episodes coming back being awesome (1:14:58), upcoming music releases (1:21:15), Deadmau5 ruffling feathers in Texas (1:24:20), Flux Pavillion leaving dubstep (1:29:41), John Dillermand's cartoon shlong and the remix to it (1:32:48), Leo gives a sneak peak to new jersey club remix (1:41:05), and more! We also play/feature music (1:45:11)) from Eptic, ASADI & Adam Deitch, Emma Ruth Rundle  & Thou, Ashnikko, Pearl Charles, Beach Bunny, Cheekface, and shame. Our intro music is 2-Pac - "Changes," Sade - "Smooth Operator," and Aaliyah - "Are You That Somebody." Outro music is Sade - "Smooth Operator."

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