Candace Carr Strauss - Making A Career Move To Start 2021

Jan 19, 01:00 PM
Candace Carr Strauss, CEO of the Big Sky Chamber of Commerce, joins this episode of the Destination Marketing Podcast to talk about how Big Sky, Montana has focused on growth over the past several years, as well as how she will be making a career shift in the next couple of months. Listen to hear some of her highlights of working in Big Sky, as well as what she's looking forward to in her new career path.

"Don't shy away from planning; however, with that plan, don't be rigid. You have to be flexible and willing to listen because we don't operate in a vacuum. We're not a consumer product that's manufactured and sits on a shelf. Our destination and our communities are living and breathing entities and things change on a daily basis." -Candace Carr Strauss on the importance of flexibility in planning