Michelin Stars and Team Culture: Rasmus Dinesen

Season 2, Episode 4,   Jan 19, 2021, 10:00 AM

I enjoy good food. I am lucky, I have eaten in some great restaurants and cities around the world. Trying to replicate the most simplest of recipes at home is an ordeal and usually ends in failure. To off-set these failures I tend to indulge in many hours watching food programmes on Netflix and wishing that I had the ability to cook like many of the chefs.
One thing that always enters my mind is the systems that are put in place to make a kitchen function and produce quality. How do teams work, how do they learn and what does leadership look like? And how does team culture influence and is influenced by creativity, customer experience and brand?
So with my interest in organizational culture and anthropology I decided to explore this further. In fact, I decided to explore these questions by focusing on the crème da la crème – Michelin Star restaurants.
To help me with this I spoke with one of Denmark’s leading documentary film makers, Rasmus Dinesen whose most recent documentary is called Michelin Stars: Tales from The Kitchen. Rasmus travelled the world over 2 years spending time in the kitchens of some of the most renowned restaurants observing and speaking to chefs about what it takes to become a Michelin star restaurant. We discuss everything from how the culture has changed to one where chefs are conscious about team wellbeing and sustainability. We explore the concept of the rebel. How Miles Davis, the jazz musician, and his legacy, shaped the values of one restaurant in New York. We also go into detail about how teams function in the kitchen day in day out. 
It is also worth finding out what food travels Rasmus is working next on and also where he takes his anthropological note book. I think I might have to join him on this one.

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