Richard Wolffe: Reporting on decades of US politics

Season 1, Episode 7,   Jan 19, 2021, 03:15 PM

In this episode of Ed Talks, Old Edwardian Ben Anderson (2006) talks to Richard Wolffe (1987), the US columnist for The Guardian.

Richard lives in New York and has been reporting on US politics for decades, including being one of only three journalists who followed Barack Obama's entire presidential campaign from start to finish as a writer for Newsweek. 

In this podcast he talks about the Black Lives Matter movement and reflects on his experiences of racism when growing up in Birmingham in the 1980s. He discusses how Black Lives Matter affected the result of the US election, and what Joe Biden's victory could mean for campaigners. Finally, he talks about Donald Trump and what could lie ahead for him personally, whilst talking more widely about what he represents.

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