Tuesday, January 19: Ashley's Movie Quiz, Bath Salts on the Job, NFL Playoff Recap with Joe Linta

Jan 19, 06:55 PM

Ashley watched Schindler's List this weekend, and to prove it, took a quiz about the movie. Was she even paying attention? (0:00)  

AJ admitted to crying in the theater during The Passion of Christ. While talking about the movie, Chaz and AJ both realized they don't know much about the history of Jesus. (5:45) 

In Dumb Ass News, a man decided to celebrate his first day at a new job by injecting himself with bath salts. (15:57)  

NFL Agent Joe Linta was very impressed with Tom Brady's win over the Saints, and is looking forward to a Super Bowl featuring an older quarterback and a younger quarterback. It doesn't matter who wins each game, the age of quarterbacks in the Super Bowl will be a big talking point. (24:27) 

Chaz and AJ received an email about the Abraham Lincoln inauguration, because a person pictured in the background. The discussion wound up being about the invention of the camera, and light bulbs. (31:52) 

Photo Credit: Getty Images/AniphaeS/iStock/Getty Images Plus