Fast Talkers 20: Priestly, Henry & Noble

Season 1, Episode 1,  Jan 23, 2021, 04:49 PM

Fast Talkers is back for the New Year and this time it's available as a podcast as well as a YouTube show!

We have a great panel to talk F1 this week alongside Motorsport Broadcaster and Journalist, Jennie Gow.

Getting stuck into the debate this week are:
Freelance Broadcaster and Journalist Natasha Henry, 
F1 Editor for Jon Noble 
and former F1 Mechanic Marc Priestly.

23 races - that's the magic number F1 are targeting this year but is that realistic, is it right and what about the season opener being in Bahrain and not Melbourne - will that throw up and big surprises? What sort of strain will a 23 race calendar put on the teams and is it a realistic expectation?

What the heck is holding up Hamilton? He's the only man without a contract now and the silence has got everyone talking. So what's going on? Our panel have their say.

Plus, we talk about the 'Renaulution' - Cyril is gone - Alonso is back and Davide Brivio makes the switch from MotoGP to F1 (like someone else we know!!!)

And have your say below - how many races do you think will actually happen in's an all new year and an all new Fast Talkers. 

Thanks for joining us!