#252 Smoking Cessation Unfiltered

Jan 25, 2021, 08:00 AM

Get all the details on varenicline, nicotine replacement therapy, and integrating psychosocial interventions into a comprehensive smoking cessation treatment plan! Smoking cigarettes is the leading cause of preventable death worldwide. Listen as our esteemed guest Dr. Steve Baldassarri (Yale) provides us expert pearls to help our patients quit smoking. 


  • Written and produced by: Carolyn Chan, MD
  • Infographic: Edison Jyang
  • Cover Art: Kate Grant
  • Hosts: Matthew Watto MD, FACP; Paul Williams MD, FACP   
  • Editor: Cyrus Askin, MD (written materials); Clair Morgan of nodderly.com
  • Guest: Steve Baldassarri MD MHS

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Time Stamps*

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  • 03:02 Intro, disclaimer, guest bio
  • 04:35 Guest one-liner 
  • 09:50 Tobacco Use Disorder - Chronic Disease
  • 11:08 Case from Kashlak
  • 11:56 Obtaining a history
  • 13:39 Motivations for Smoking Cessation
  • 15:29 Factors associated with challenges in smoking cessation:
  • 21:40 Gradual Tapers vs Cold Turkey
  • 25:18 Nicotine Replacement 32:40
  • 28:57 Pharmacotherapy - “Controller” Medications
  • 31:05 Pharmacotherapy - Short Acting Medications
  • 33:20 Dosing Medications
  • 38:35 Varenicline
  • 39:00 Nicotine gum dosing 
  • 44:40 Duration of therapy
  • 48:08 Bupropion 
  • 49:05 Behavioral Interventions
  • 55:24 Vaping and electronic cigarettes 
  • 57:03 Vaping for smoking cessation
  • 01:02:35 EVALI
  • 01:05:49 Outro