Natalie Burrage: The Matrix (1999), Step Brothers (2008), Game Over, Man (2018)

Season 1, Episode 2,   Jan 25, 2021, 07:27 AM

My friend, the irreverent, hillarious, and joyful, Natalie Burrage shares her love for her three favorite movies. And in episode 2 of this podcast, I hit the speed bump that I was most afraid of: What happens when one of my guests, one of my favorite people on the planet, choose a movie that I think is total dogs**t? 🤣

Well, what happened is well beyond my greatest expectations, projections, or ideas of what this podcast could ever be. And because of that, I'm so grateful for Natalie and what she helped me see in that particular movie and why I'm so lucky to have her in my life as such a great friend.


Natalie is a natural born healer, conscious entrepreneur, and magician of energy.

She works with people to create lives and businesses that turn them on, light them up, and contribute to the world.

Her motto for 2021 is it's time for you to have it all.

She created her first business in 2010, a yoga studio & sold it 8 years later after changing thousands of lives with this.  She has gone onto other entrepreneurial ventures and now works with clients all over the world in the areas of self love, mindset, energy, Consciousness, transformation, and business to be authentically & unapologetically them so they can have all they desire with ease.

She’s impacted thousands of lives directly over the last 10 years, all who have called her & her gift of transforming lives a "god send" and "something they haven't found elsewhere."

Having a background in Kundalini yoga & meditation, Karuna Reiki, Sacred Activations, Psych-K, Intuitive Energy Work, Transformational Facilitation, she currently shares her love of the tools of Access Consciousness to empower people who are ready to create what they desire most in their lives.

Her motto is “Everyone needs a support system on their journey in life. Give yourself what you deserve.”