Monday, January 25: Remembering Larry King; Six Bank Heists In Three Hours; Dumb Ass News

Jan 25, 05:34 PM

Chaz and AJ spoke with Tom Cantone from Mohegan Sun, who knew Larry King very well. Plus, audio from Larry's career, including the funny story that led to him taking the name "King." (0:00)

Dumb Ass News - If your goal is to stay out of Dumb Ass News, rule number one would be not to text Chaz RIGHT before the segment. Jennifer learned this the hard way, after we all learned about the clogged toilet she left for Chaz for when he gets home. (17:35)

Gianni Russo also knew Larry King pretty well, and shared some stories about seeing him often. He also talked about a heist that he knew intimately, six banks in three hours! (21:37)

Dumb Ass News - For a guy who works out a lot, AJ really loves himself some fast food. Who knew he had so much knowledge about Jack In the Box? (36:11)

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