Tuesday, January 26: A Speech Pathologist Diagnoses AJ's Flubbles; Bad TV And Movie Prison Portrayals; Dumb Ass News

Jan 26, 2021, 06:54 PM

Vaccine scheduling has become a major point of contention between teachers and the Board of Ed in the Pomperaug school district, because the organizers got themselves the vaccine ahead of many others. Then, Scot Haney from Channel 3 was on to talk about the snow coming this afternoon and evening. (0:00)
Speech pathologist Rachel was on to evaluate AJ's flubbles, and offer a basic diagnosis for the cause. (13:01)
Sean Hennessey was in prison at age 16, and learned a lot about "the rules of survival." Chaz and AJ wanted to know who on the show would have the roughest time inside, and which TV show or movie had the most ridiculous portrayal of what life is like locked up. (15:49)
Dumb Ass News - Chaz and AJ had some (brief) audio of a Sheriff's Deputy having sex at Universal Studios, over a live mic. Then, a viral review for an intimate product turned into a brainstorming session to re-name it. (37:20)

Image Credit: cesarhgv / iStock / Getty Images Plus