Ela Darling

Jan 31, 03:31 PM

Ela Darling, porn, adult films, TED Talk, Virtual Reality, nerd

 Mark's favorite adult film star and virtual reality pioneer Ela Darling joined Mark and Hannah on the lighter side of the dark side.

Ela talked about moving back to Austin Texas as a part of the big Los Angeles exodus, how preparing for a TED Talk is and how she ultimately triumphed under scrutiny and skepticism, the future of VIrtual Reality and porn which apparently includes teledildonics, how terrific her porn acting is and how easy it is to fake an orgasm, the mainstreaming of nerd culture, how her beautiful green eyes can sometimes blend into a green screen and how she is embracing and being very creative on OnlyFans.

If you go to eladarling.com and mention The Dark Mark Show when you join Ela's OnlyFans, you get access to a special gothy set of pictures.

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