RF Podcast Episode 21: Think More Positively with Furkan from Inner Space

Season 2,  Jan 30, 2021, 06:00 AM

Welcome back to the Renaissance Foundation Podcast,

A Podcast about inspiration, made by the young people at our youth charity

We support Young Carers and Young Hospital Patients in London, by inspiring them to achieve their full potential.

we reached out to Inner Space London and had a workshop about thinking more positively with Furkan.

Thank you so much Furkan for helping us to be aware of the power of positive thinking, and also how we can take control of that and start thinking more positively today!

Inner Space London is a meditation and personal development centre in Covent Garden. They run free live online meditations, seminars, talks and online wellbeing sessions for the workplace. They also have a bookshop dedicated to products to aid and develop meditation or personal growth.

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