Developing an Adaptive Career Mindset for the Post-COVID World-of-Work

Jan 30, 06:00 PM
Episode 4 is our first cross-branded episode!! In this one, Dr. Brian Hutchison is a guest on the Theory of Change podcast discussing his ideas about the science and nature of Developing an Adaptive Career Mindset for the post-COVID world-of-work. 
This conversation really digs into aspects of career development that we need to adapt to the 21st Century including: 
  • Why addressing career concerns is important for many types of practitioners (4:50)
  • Why career focused professionals must uncenter work to recenter life (7:00)
  • How external forces such as pandemics, political upheaval, and other events impact work stressed who is responsible (12:30)
  • Connection between work and mental health/ wellness/ cultural concerns (16:15) 
  • Gig economy and its challenges (19:00)
  • Neurobiology, science, and how this forces us to adapt our career practice (24:45)
  • And a lot more!!