Is GameStop Doomed to Fail? | TYQ319

Feb 01, 06:13 AM

Tonight, we answer questions about GameStop, digital vs physical games, 3D audio, Capcom's resurrection, PS5 apps, Torrence Davis, and more!

Here are all of the questions we answer this week:

- Will Game Pass and PS+ kill physical games?
- Will Extended Editions provide add-on DLC?
- Is GameStop doomed to fail?
- What “redneck” games do you enjoy?
- Why did Sony skimp on home theater support for PS5?
- Who has the better gaming strategy: Sony or Microsoft?
- What would be your “retirement” game?
- What games do you want to use immersive audio?
- Did you ever think Capcom would make such a great comeback?
- What other apps would you like to see on PS5?
- What are your thoughts on Torrence Davis leaving gaming?

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