Monday, February 1: Super Bowl Prop Bets with Joe Linta, Gianni Russo on John Gotti, Celebrities Getting Vaccinated

Feb 01, 2021, 04:42 PM

In Dumb Ass News, a 99-year-old Florida man was pistol whipped after a neighbor asked to borrow some salt, and then demanded $50,000. (0:00)  

NFL Agent Joe Linta was on to talk about the Super Bowl, everything from interesting prop bets to ticket availability for players' friends and family. (7:00)  

Gianni Russo, author of "The Original Hollywood Godfather," was on to talk about getting a tattoo in Mexico, and his relationship with some big name mob bosses. (25:30) 

As vaccines continue to be administered, more and more celebrities are making the news for getting theirs. The good (Dick Van Dyke), the bad (O.J. Simpson), and the ugly (O.J. Simpson.) (43:13) 

Image Credit: liveslow / iStock / Getty Images Plus