Surviving Your Past - An Interview with Kendra Hall

Episode 12,   Feb 04, 2021, 02:00 AM

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In this episode, Kendra discusses the day to day as a new Mom living on her own at 15 years old.

Kendra Hall passionately champions for young women and other at-risk populations who are entering into adulthood through her writing, mentoring, and avid connectivity to resources that she shares to uplift and prosper others. Her state career began working for the Judiciary as a state-worker in 2001. She has since worked for the State of New Jersey for over 17 years. Kendra is the mother of four children (3 of whom are now adults). She is a devoted advocate for young women, sharing her own life experiences like being a teenage mother of three children by the age of 18 years, overcoming homelessness and domestic violence.

Additionally, she is best known for her helping and tenacious spirit and is very comfortable sharing her own life experiences with others on a one on one basis to help young women connect to the resources they need. She is also very good at creating relationships amongst people from all walks of life and giving good business and life advice providing creative solutions for problems. Ms. Hall is driven by her faith and the belief that she can make a positive difference in people’s lives to share her countless personal successes and inspire and instill hope in the people she mentors who are striving to rise above their current circumstances.

Ms. Hall celebrates, especially, the continued success of at least 30+ women whose lives she’s directly mentored, while still achieving her own professional milestones like graduating with a Bachelors in Arts in Law and Justice from Rider University as an adult learner. She also believes in making time for the things she enjoys like learning about the metaphysical and heightened spiritual awareness, connecting people, networking, reading, tennis, studying and traveling.

Passionate about helping others move forward in life and helping them to find the value in themselves, Kendra is always researching ways to improve herself, as well. Ms. Hall is a professional member of the ColorComm network, an advocate for UNICEF and member of Toastmasters. In her work, she shares what she learns through her affiliations and self-exploration, adding to her professional experience to help others find their purpose and use that purpose as a tool to reach their goals.

As a current resident New Jersey, she works to resolve hopelessness locally and throughout the country with the goal of obtaining her life-long mission of leveling-up in life by inspiring others with her triumphant story. Kendra has written her first self-help book entitled, “Dropping Jewelz: Guiding Principles to Help Girls Live Their Best Life”, available on Amazon. She is spreading hope through the understanding that the power to succeed comes from within and not without, and by letting young women know that support is available. By teaching a philosophy of hope she inspires others to maximize their life, no matter the obstacle. Kendra hopes to help as many young women as she can succeed in life.

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