Episode 27 Luis Elizondo

Episode 58,   Feb 02, 2021, 12:10 AM

Episode 27 of the podcast has arrived for your listening pleasure and it's THE big one as Lue Elizondo, formerly of AATIP & TTSA joins me for 60 minutes of conversation, i genuinely feel, much of this you have NOT heard before.

The subjects discussed include;

  • What Lue's security clearance means for him still
  • Commenting on Tucker Carlson that the US Govt has debris
  • His time with AATIP, how he felt resigning
  • The UAPTF, is it being set up to fail?
  • Mankind or Mankinds? Lue elaborates!!!
  • Listener questions
  • And so much more...

Folks, this one is for all of you out there, Lue is someone at the forefront of pushing this conversation forward and gives some really intriguing answers in this candid interview.

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Enjoy folks!

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