Shelf-Life Testing: Opening a Can of Worms - a rapidmicrobiology podcast

Episode 4,   Feb 02, 2021, 11:53 AM

The food industry is constantly innovating – we have new protein sources like insects and algae, we have new packaging materials, we have new formulations reducing sugar and salt, other preservatives – how do manufacturers keep their shelf life dates relevant to their product changes? We’ll find out from food safety expert Linda Everis who currently manages the challenge test/shelf life studies at Campden BRI.

[1:05] - 'Use-by' or 'Best-before'
[4:18] - Challenges with extending shelf-life
[7:05] - Determining safe shelf-life
[8:26] - Determining quality & open shelf-life
[13:11] - Listeria
[16:20] - Consequences of a badly-designed challenge test
[18:52] - Advanced Microbial Profiling (AMP)
[20:51] - Predictive Microbiology