No Hugs - with Jessica Claire and Vicky Donoghue ( Pennyworth & BBC Radio 4 - The Piper)

Season 3, Episode 37,  Feb 03, 2021, 06:00 AM

Host Hatty Ashdown is joined by two of her oldest pals  Actress Jessica Claire (Peep Show , Pennyworth ) Writer Vicky Donoghue ( Mudlarks, The Gift & The Piper BBC radio 4 ). It's a lovely warm, fun and honest show as Hatty chats to friends she's known since before becoming a mum and show biz, so there's no hiding for Hatty. In a shift back to our original panel show format they discuss the topic of no hugging in the pandemic , huggee or not  family's, awkward hug moments, dads that shake hands and missing a boobie hug !

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