Truth Talk: Knowing Your Worth Despite What You Feel

Feb 08, 09:00 AM
Do you think God cares about you? 
Some of our deepest desires are to be known, loved, heard, and seen. Every person wants to know why they are here and for what purpose. These feelings make us feel like we have meaning, like we're contributing to the world, and to something bigger than us. In my quest for discovering who I was, I lost who I was to a sea of opinions, who people thought I should be and how I should react and respond.
We don’t have breakdowns because of the event itself. Breakdowns happen because of the pain we have picked up according to our perspective of the event. My breakdown came because it was the last straw my soul could take to feeling unloved and unwanted. The pain came from a hole in my heart that could not be filled by anyone else’s love except the Father's. I didn’t care about me because I didn’t think the Father cared about me.
In this Truth Talk, I’m digging into the differences between emotions and feelings. You do not have to feel something to believe it’s true because your worth is not in a feeling, it’s in a Person.

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