USDA Game day Food Safety - Career Resources - Mattress Recycling Council

Feb 07, 2021, 01:15 PM

This morning we're kicking off Super Bowl Sunday bright and early helping you avoid some of the most common issues that can turn game day into a nightmare because of foodborne illness. So we're bringing in a food expert from the US Dept of Agriculture to review some of the major things you need to know as you gear up for your game day feast.

Then - whether you are an employer looking for qualified and motivated workers, or someone who is looking for a job or maybe seeking to change careers - we've got the resource for you as we bring in the COO from Career Resources, which serves about half the state connecting people to jobs they need.

And we're closing reminding you about an important environmental practice that Connecticut helped make famous - I'm talking about mattress recycling. We'll connect with a spokesperson for the Mattress Recycling Council to talk about this important program, how easy it is to do, and the many ways recycling mattresses makes a positive difference to our communities and our planet.