Will Microsoft Ever Discontinue the Xbox Series S? | TYQ320

Feb 08, 06:59 AM

Tonight, we answer questions about the Xbox Series S, PlayStation and Xbox events, low PS5 stocks, PS5 exclusives, Metacritic, indies vs AAAs, Pokemon, and more!

Here are all of the questions we answer this week:

- Will Microsoft ever discontinue the Xbox Series S?
- If you were a game character how would you live your life?
- When will the next PlayStation and Xbox events happen?
- Is the PS5s low stock the reason for its lack of exclusives?
- What can be done to improve Destruction Allstars?
- Should Sony sell PS5 exclusively through its site?
- Why are people obsessed with Metacritic?
- Which are your top 3 Castlevania games of all time?
- What will be the key theme of the upcoming generation?
- What was the most creative console generation?
- Which generation saw indies and AAAs go down different paths?
- What franchises do you consider handheld exclusives?
- Does Pokémon’s 25th anniversary mean anything to you?