Monday, February 8: Big Game Recap; Who Lost The Bet - Chaz Or AJ?; Gianni Russo Stories

Feb 08, 2021, 05:47 PM

How Kansas City called the end of the Super Bowl, why Chaz is annoyed with Patriots fans, and audio of the Super Bowl streaker. (0:00)
Chaz and AJ review their bet on the National Anthem performance length, and noticed one of the show members had had way more to drink than anyone else. (13:20)
Dumb Ass News - Everyone knows not to put gorilla glue in your hair, right? Apparently one dumbass did not. (27:23)
Gianni Russo talks about his start in the mob taking sports bets, and remembered a Patrick Mahomes interview just before the Super Bowl that really upset him. (32:52)
Dumb Ass News - Chaz and AJ found audio from Twitter of Bucs fans celebrating the Super Bowl win in pretty stupid ways. (47:26)

Image Credit: efks / iStock / Getty Images Plus