Tuesday, February 9: More Vaccines Rolling Out; Top 5 Things Ruining Your Sex Life; Comedian Will Noonan

Feb 09, 2021, 07:16 PM

Chaz and AJ talked about the state opening up vaccine appointments for people aged 65 or older. While discussing their plans to get vaccinated, they imagined what it would be like if one of the side-effects caused people to behave opposite to their normal tendencies. (0:00)
Vince the bookie was back on to talk about the Super Bowl, which was not a good time for him. Tom Brady, once again, has made Vince's life very difficult. At least Chaz and AJ won their prop bet! (6:51)
Dr. Tammy Nelson was on talking about the Top 5 things ruining your sex life, and while recapping everything turned against Chaz. (19:15)
Nick the science guy was on to quell everyone's concerns about a giant asteroid approaching Earth. Apparently, NASA has known about it for 20 years. Just for educational purposes, Nick explained what would happen if an asteroid that size were to hit the Earth's surface. (26:24)
Dumb Ass News - Chaz and AJ revisited a comment AJ made during Nick's call, and a selfie-taker in Hoboken fell into icy waters and needed rescuing. (40:00)
Boston comedian Will Noonan's phone was on fire during the Super Bowl, since he appeared in a commercial that aired in the Boston area! Plus, the big money he won on a long-shot bet. (46:03)

Image Credit: nevodka / iStock / Getty Images Plus